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INDIA has the largest population of street children in the world – a fact and one of many unjust statistics that iPartner India hope to combat while they back organisations that work towards changing them.

And that 40 per cent of minor girls are forced into prostitution EVERY DAY… is another.

So instead of reinventing the wheel, iPartner have identified causes and projects they want to support, and then make sure they keep the wheel of human development – and hope – turning.

The life of Bhagyalaxmi, for instance, has been changed with their intervention. She is one among a dozen bright girls from poor families in the care of Mangalore-based orphanage Bhagini Samaj, whose higher education iPartner India has sponsored.

Now the 18-year-old, who secured 89 per cent in her 10th standard board exams, is in the second year of college. Bhagyalaxmi says: “Growing up with a single parent was very difficult. I have seen my mother struggle to feed and educate us. I want to study hard, find a good job and buy a house for my mother some day.”

The statistic that iPartner are bowling against in this case is that in rural India, girls on average spend less than fours years in education.

Another vulnerable group in their radar is the country’s underserved population in villages, especially in terms of affordable healthcare. Thanks to their support to Ankur, an organisation in Himachal Pradesh, more than 100,000 mothers, children and senior citizens have access to basic healthcare.

iPartner have identified over 100 frontline organisations, like Ankur, who practise what iPartner promote – that is improving the lives of the poor and excluded, especially vulnerable children and women.

This ‘support’ approach, not only with funding but also with helping their partner NGOs to scale their operations for greater impact, has proved successful.

Since inception, iPartner have improved the lives of 36,000 disadvantaged Indians, just a drop in the ocean considering their vision of a just and equitable India.

But with perseverance and ‘support’ from people like you, that drop could become an ocean.

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YOUNG Muslim girls from impoverished areas of Sambalpur, Odisha drop out of school due to early marriage and the prevailing bias against girls being educated. Patang support these women with an education and entrepreneurship programmes to equip them with the skills for sustainable livelihoods. Reinventing their identity as well as breaking stereotypes associated with the community, the women use their training in tailoring, crafts, weaving and local cuisine to lead independent lives.

Every8Minutes Campaign

ONE of iPartner’s pet battles is against child trafficking. Every eight minutes a child goes missing in India. And 40% of them are never found, some sold for the fraction of the price of a buffalo. The film on this page spells out the horror in more detail. The campaign was launched in 2014 to raise awareness and seek support from the government, NGOs and the public – like you – to put an end to the scourge. This year iPartner hope to raise Rs 8lakh to rescue and rehabilitate 100 children.


GIRLS trafficked from Bangladesh and Nepal often end up in the poverty-stricken hinterlands of neighbouring Bihar where Rahat work. In three years, over 50,000 have been prevented from being smuggled into India through border crossings. Rahat now protect about 1,000 girls who have returned to their homes to ensure they don’t go missing again, get sold by their families or are kidnapped by traffickers. Rahat require funds for IT skills classes for 60 of them @ Rs 7,000 per girl.

About iPartner India

We cannot imagine where these girls would be today had it not been for iPartner India’s support. It is a proud feeling to see the girls show courage and learn new things at college.

Vajra Rao, Bhagini Samaj, Mangalore

I am alive today because of the treatment and attention I received due to the support of iPartner India

Lado Devi, beneficiary, Raipur Village

I am so happy and proud that today I am one of the earning members in my family because of the training I received. I want to be financially independent before I get married.

Nasiben, beneficiary, Tughlakabad

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