Focus: Children and Youth, Women, Environment

AS Martin Luther King Jr said, “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”, which is why Jananeethi work to help poor, marginalised victims of violence, discrimination and corruption access justice.

Each year Jananeethi help 15,000 individuals - particularly women, children, and the elderly, as well as sexual, gender-based, or child abuse victims - seek justice, negotiate dispute settlements, and learn more about the legal system.

The underprivileged are often the ones who suffer the most at the hands of large corporations who sometimes establish toxic operations in order to cut costs - and this is where Jananeethi step in.

They have a history of investigating ecological matters - such as their enquiry which uncovered ground water pollution by a multinational, research into complaints about a bio-medical waste disposal plant, and a report on illegal development of forest land. They actively pursue litigation in the public interest, including illegal sand/soil mining, industrial pollution and human trafficking.

Every year around 3,000 people receive legal, social, psychological, physical and emotional support from Jananeethi. They use justice as a “healing force” to encourage peace and reconciliation by providing services to the victims of domestic and sexual violence, child abuse, corruption, hate politics, communal polarisation, caste and ethnic bias, and malfunctioning law enforcement and judicial institutions. Their work utilises what they call “therapeutic jurisprudence” where the law acts as a therapeutic agent to resolve 300-500 disputes within communities annually.

Jananeethi are committed to improving the rights of under-served populations. Their studies include dowry practices in Kerala and its disproportionate consequences against women and girl children, escalating suicides in a Kerala district, as well as the effectiveness of legal acts intended to protect women from domestic violence.

Support Jananeethi’s efforts as changemakers that provide free legal aid and holistic counselling, mediation, paralegal training for community members, knowledge building to ensure implementation of legislation, and environmental and human rights advocacy.

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Advocacy campaigns

AS a frontline campaigner, Jananeethi participate in civil agitations in support of the most disadvantaged and disengaged individuals in society. Some of these included: protests against attacks on Dalits, support for the Rohingya refugees, backing demonstrations against the pollution of Periyar River, in defence of a rape victim and subsequent murder of the victim’s father, solidarity with a community affected by the increasing height of Narmada dam, amongst many others.

Legal Aid

JANANEETHI'S core activity is to provide legal aid and psycho-legal counselling, including a helpline for women, children and elderly in distress. They also function as a resource centre for research and dissemination of news on human rights, migrant labour, human trafficking, gender justice, environmental integrity, sustainable development, public health and social legislation. To achieve this, they aim to establish a training centre for paralegals and social work and law students.

Health Services

This is a participatory approach to improve the standards of health services in the public sector. The project gets support from local self-government under which respective health institutions functions. The Hospital Management Committee is the statutory body with which management of the hospital rests. Jananeethi through its constructive engagements with stakeholders strive to ensure the services are availed by people as per national standards.


My family life was on the verge of breaking. My wife and I had filed police complaints against each other. All attempts at settling the dispute had failed. Finally, Jananeethi's counsellors and law officers helped us sort out matters. We are happy today.

Beneficiary, Mannuthy, Kerala.

  • Adv. George Pulikuthiyil Director, Policy & Development
  • Adv. P.Sunilkumar Executive Director
  • Mr. MN Suresh Babu Administrator and Officer of Accounts
  • Mrs .E.Jayasree Clinical Psychologist
  • Adv. C.P.Maya Legal Consultant