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MEETING the huge demand for primary education in India has led to under-trained teachers and poor quality learning experiences for the student. Meghshala are addressing both with their in-class TeachKits.

Newly qualified primary school teachers with just basic training are being rushed into government schools to accommodate the growing number of children exercising their Right To Education.
To empower tutors to inspire their young wards, Meghshala’s TeachKits - which are multimedia lessons plans on a “cloud” - ensure that they can continue in their classrooms while acquiring innovative training to supplement their teaching skills.
As Ramya, a teacher at Government Higher Primary School in Belathur Colony in Bengaluru said, "Before using Meghshala, I was a common teacher, but now I feel like a special teacher!"
Based on the content of state syllabus textbooks, but supplemented with projects, videos, stories and discussions, the TeachKits - available online and on the Meghshala app - are designed by Meghshala’s master teachers to enable children to become critical thinkers.
And, with the activities in the kits directing children to solve real-world problems, the impact of Meghshala - literally 'school on cloud' - is going beyond the classroom.
For instance, a teacher delivering Grade 8 maths lessons on 'simple interest' created a space for students to empathise with struggling farmers and farmers’ suicides due to mounting debts.
Or, take Mallikarjuniah M.R., a teacher at Government Higher Primary School in Kodathi. He recounts how a TeachKit was able to turn the otherwise sombre topic of pollution into a lifestyle changing lesson for his students.
He said: "They had cleaned up their homes and made it free from plastic and other environmentally polluting materials. After listening to them, I realised that this change happened because of the lesson 'Pollution' which I did a few days back using Meghshala's TeachKit."
Close to 3500 new TeachKits in English and vernacular languages were created in the past year, with 15,000 teachers using them to transform their classrooms in more than 200 schools in Karnataka, Telangana and Tamil Nadu.
Support Meghshala so they can multiply their impact in more schools, for more teachers and more children at the beginning of their educational journey.

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About Meghshala Trust

Meghshala is like a matchstick in a dark room. It helps me give light to my teaching and bring my classroom alive.

Chandrasekhar, student, Government Higher Primary School, Bevinmara Colony

Meghshala lessons help me bring all-round development to my students with new techniques!

Sampoorna, student, Government Higher Primary School, Ramamurthy Nagar