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New Resolution India

Focus: Education, Livelihoods, Children and Youth

DISADVANTAGED youth attend school but are unprepared for life after the classroom. NRI fill the gap between education and employability, ensuring they have a Bright Future through career training and placement.

Based on his own personal and professional struggles, founder and social worker Kishor Palve believes that one of the most overlooked aspects in education is the preparation of youth for the real world and lack of mentorship and career guidance.

This is why NRI - whose main project is Bright Future - collaborate with affordable private schools and community centres in impoverished areas of Mumbai to empower youth who don’t have the advantage of positive role models or higher education so ‘every youth has equal opportunities’.

To tackle these inequalities, they work with students - as well as youth who did not finish their education - to provide career guidance, mentoring and skills building. They also connect programme graduates with targeted employment prospects in their fields of interest as their research found that 77% of young people did not have a clear vision or goals for their future.

NRI’s success is reflected in the accomplishments of their graduates. Bright Future alumna Mansi Tawade, 19, joined NRI’s career training programme in January 2017, was placed with a job at McDonald's upon completion and quickly named ‘Employee of the Month’ for her hard working attitude and professionalism.

Another NRI participant, Reshma, was a timid, shy 15-year-old who would never dream of putting herself in the spotlight until participating in the Drama 4 Development programme. Now with improved language and speech skills, she has gained confidence.

The results speak for themselves – NRI has worked with over 2,500 youth in the community - plus over 1,000 adolescents through Drama 4 Development - placing nearly 80% in jobs, and supported more than 3,800 parents. Above 40% of participants have become change leaders and returned back to work with their communities in one of the seven NRI centres.

Bright Future has received recognition by Youth 4 Asia Solutions Search for its achievement in the field of education and employment.

As NRI scale up to work with more schools and communities throughout Mumbai, their biggest challenge is funding these life-changing workshops and finding motivated individuals to mentor and engage young people while teaching them important lessons on ethics, manners and basic life and vocational skills.

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Drama 4 Development

TEENAGERS from impoverished communities don’t have the opportunity to just be kids, many dropping out of school to help support their families. D4D gives school dropouts the chance to use drama to develop critical personal and professional skills - such as ethics, manners, behaviour and language - to make them more employable and keep them from falling into the trap of harmful life choices, such as smoking, alcohol and abusive behaviour.

Livelihood Programme

DROPOUTS between the ages of 18 to 25 from marginalised communities are provided a three-month, 180-hour course on vocational, life, and behavioural skills. Mentors work with the youth to identify their interests, help hone their abilities in their chosen field, maximise their support network by engaging their parents, provide exposure to professional and community environments, and involve them in extracurricular activities in the hopes of helping them turn their passions into a career.

About New Resolution India

Bright Future changes lives in many ways. It empowers young people to believe in themselves, to develop their communication skills, to express themselves through drama, and to build-up anticipation and expectation of how the working environment might be.

Jonathan Townsend, CEO, The Prince’s Trust International, London

We're happy to see the sessions and services are creating much needed awareness and the difference they are making in students’ lives. From low-income families, our students don’t have much guidance about possible careers and courses they could take up.

Sharda Prabhakar Parab, superviser, Maratha High School, Mumbai

I had no idea what to expect when I was asked to teach Bright Future participants English, but ended up being a journey I will never forget. I’m happy organisations like NRI exist to assist those who don’t have the opportunity to gain expensive degrees.

Warren Frias, volunteer, Mahim, Mumbai

  • Kishor Palve CEO
  • Jitendra Karnik Operations Head
  • Mansi Shah Deshpande Training Head
  • Dinesh Gaikwad Operations Manager
  • Nilkanth Bhosale Asst. Finance Manager