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ReReeti Foundation

Focus: Arts and Culture

MUSEUMS in India suffer from both official and public neglect. ReReeti are trying to revitalise these institutions, rich in history, culture and heritage, and make them relevant and accessible for everyone.

To do that, in the the last three years they have helped museums across Bengaluru plan, design and implement strategies to engage audiences, increase visitor footfalls and make it more exciting for local communities.

School-going children, of all economic classes, make up a large part of this community. ReReeti curate specially designed experiential programmes for young students, using visual, auditory and kinetics methods of learning - which makes it more memorable and fun!

And, to make museums more accessible to underprivileged school-goers, ReReeti invite as many students from different NGOs as possible to events they host at museums - and their entry is free.

The whole idea of ReReeti began when founder Tejshvi Jain, then working at the National Gallery of Modern Art, Bengaluru, attended a training course at the world’s largest design museum, the Victoria and Albert, in London. She realised the important role museums can play in society, how under-utilised they were in India and the glaring gap between the audience and museums.

Tejshvi says: "Things are changing at a very fast pace all around us. Children are spending more time glued to one screen or another. On the other hand, we have this plethora of interesting facts, knowledge, information, sitting patiently in museums and heritage sites waiting for inquisitive minds to give meaning to. At ReReeti we aim to facilitate and fast-track this confluence to the best of our abilities."

Besides building exhilarating experiences for families, communities and individuals through exciting group tasks that include creative and interactive games, ReReeti also work with museums and cultural heritage spaces to observe, evaluate and then provide multiple solutions for the organisation, their staff as well as their audiences.

ReReeti is on a path to connect communities to their roots and their history - and thus, lay a foundation for understanding the future better.

Help them bring this wave of change across India and make museums not places to be admired from afar but public spaces to be engaged with, taking pride in the rich heritage they hold.

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We are highly impressed with your innovative museum outreach programmes. If other museums also took a cue from you, they will be successfully closer to their targeted audience.

Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak, Founder, Sulabh International Social Service Organization, Bengaluru

Tejshvi was recommended to me by a colleague of mine for documentation and display of a corporate collection...the client was very happy with the systematic documentation and thoughtful display of their collection.

Dinesh Kumble, Director, Krab Media Agency, Bengaluru

British Council undertook a massive exercise of mapping museums in India...ReReeti headed the South India research and documentation of museums. We were very happy with the punctuality and timely delivery of the report.

Sujata Sen, Director, British Council, East India

The outcome of this collaborative project has proved useful and benefited our kids. Tejshvi’s creative thinking, expertise and positive can-do attitude makes her an absolute pleasure to work with.

Ramesh Balasundaram, Founding Director, Bal Utsav, Bengaluru