Saarathi Society

Focus: Rural Development, Children and Youth, Livelihoods

POORLY educated jobless youth in farming communities, who no longer want to make agriculture their means of livelihood, are part of the socio-economic crisis in rural India that Saarathi Society are addressing.

Scanty rainfall, crop loss and plummeting prices have largely contributed to the bleak agrarian landscape in the Gadag district of Karnataka where Saarathi work, where more often than not, the children of farmers are choosing not to follow in their parents’ footsteps and seek other avenues of employment. But poor educational provisions are leaving the youth ill-equipped to join the formal sector.

Saarathi's approach to tackling these issues is multi-pronged. For the growing out-of-work young population, their training programmes have focused on basic computer and other vocational skills, and on honing talent in garment-making and embroidery, which have helped hundreds of rural youth improve their employment opportunities.

To serve Gadag’s farmers and landless labourers, Saarathi have set up 96 self-help groups till date and have facilitated loans from various banks to these groups so they can take up employment generating activities, such as setting up small businesses of their own.

Besides this, the society's belief in a sustainable future has guided their rural development initiatives, from training farmers on chemical-free farming and helping women to create kitchen gardens in their backyards for their daily use, to planting 525 trees in the district to fight deforestation.

Support Saarathi Society's journey as they help improve the lives of rural communities in Gadag.