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Sahyog Care for You

Focus: Education, Children and Youth, Women, Livelihoods

FOR Sahyog Care For You, whose Gandhian mission is to achieve universal upliftment, empowering women and children with knowledge and education is the first important step to ignite this long-term change.

So their core work is focussed on just that. Sahyog, Hindi for cooperation, epitomises the way the Sahyog team collaborate with stakeholders and partners for widening their reach and creating maximum impact.

For instance, Sahyog work with a number of government schools in Delhi NCR - attended by about 2,500 urban poor students - to raise teaching standards and curb drop-out rates.

They also provide basic and digital literacy classes for adult women, who are among the most deprived members of underprivileged communities. The six-times a week lessons in 108 centres in the National Capital Region not only teach women simple maths and reading and writing in Hindi to improve employability and standards of living, but also awareness sessions in health and hygiene to benefit the entire community.

Take Vimla, from JJ Colony Shakurpur who runs a vegetable shop in the local market. Her poor numeracy skills got her into constant trouble with her clients. Now, after taking classes in a Sahyog centre, she can calculate confidently and her customers are happier.

As founder Shekhar Mahajan says: “Sahyog does not want to grow only as an organisation but also as a scaffold for those in need, creating a small world...where empathy is not pretended but practised.”

Passionate about right to education and ending the commercial exploitation of children, Sahyog’s work on child sexual abuse, for example, reflects their vision of fostering a society that prioritises children's well-being.

With the prevalence of child trafficking, child labour and harmful traditional practices such as child marriage, Sahyog work with parents, school teachers, counsellors and NGO professionals to ensure child rights in multiple states. Through training, workshops and awareness-raising activities, all stakeholders are equipped to adequately respond to instances of child sexual abuse.

Sahyog have magnified their reach 40-fold since their inception in 2002; their participatory and collaborative methods have benefited 215,810 people in 10 states.

Join Gandhi’s sarvodaya movement for universal upliftment today by supporting Sahyog’s initiatives.

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Women's Literacy

TRADITIONALLY women, especially from disadvantaged communities, are less likely to pursue their education as far as their male counterparts, increasing their likelihood of illiteracy. Sahyog’s Saksharta Through Digitalisation programme strives to empower such women with basic literacy, computer skills and decision-making abilities. It also teaches them about health and hygiene, sanitation and maternal and infant mortality. ₹5,000 will pay a teacher's salary for a month to teach 35 women.

Vocational Training

THE lack of quality and holistic education has created a huge skills gap in the job market, especially in the skilled trades and support staff for professional units. Sahyog train youth in areas where there is the most demand, such as BPO, computer literacy, retail, cosmetology and tailoring - and up to 75% are placed in jobs or start their own business. Currently 3,000 youth are being groomed at their 10 Delhi NCR centres. ₹4,500 will pay a counselor for a month to train 100 youth.

Humari Smart Shala

CHILDREN in slums rarely have access to education that will give them a head start in life - if go to school at all. Sahyog first identity those out of the system, enrol them in municipal schools and help improve their infrastructures, including establishing digital labs and hygienic sanitation facilities. Sahyog also assist schools by providing effective and scalable teacher learning methods and scholarships for needy students. ₹2,500 will buy stationery for 100 children per month.

About Sahyog Care for You

Being associated with Sahyog gave me a better understanding of the importance of resources. Also it provided me with grassroots reality and how marginalised people struggle and face challenges in their lives on a daily basis.

Kirti Sharma, volunteer, New Delhi

Working with this organisation has helped me hone my skills as a psychologist. I have gained more knowledge about child sexual abuse and can now confidently take group sessions and talk with ease on the subject.

Prachi Kohli, volunteer counsellor, New Delhi

  • Shekhar Mahajan Founder, General Secretary
  • Simmi Garg President
  • Sakshi Mathur Director
  • Neharika Bartwal Child Coordinator