Thane Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Focus: Animal Welfare

IN an urban jungle, animals are often found in helpless conditions as a result of accidents, disease or human cruelty. Thane SPCA provide these defenceless creatures with medical aid and more.

Their motto Rescue-Rehab-Release puts into perspective the work they do – rescue animals from danger by attending all calls of distress in and around Thane, and then taking care of them until they are strong again.

The Thane Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) believe no animal should be denied treatment based on species or pedigree. Dogs, cats, cattle, birds, monkeys, tortoises – whether they are strays or pets – all find solace in the Thane centre, a hospital with species-wise wards.

Ruhi, a stray dog from Ghatkopar, had the most invasive kind of cancerous tumour. But after a lengthy, traumatic surgery, she is back on her feet. Ganga, a calf, was admitted with a severely distended stomach thanks to being fed the wrong kind of food – immediate medical attention saved her life. Tiger, another roadside mongrel, fell from the terrace of a building while chasing a cat. His x-ray showed a horrific break in his left hind leg. But after surgery, he is recovering well.

It is no secret that thousands of dogs and cats have miserable lives on the streets. Now though, it is possible to draw attention to acts of cruelty towards animals through social media.

In one instance, several commuters contacted TSPCA regarding a monkey spotted at Thane station, with injuries around its face and chest. With more than 70% burns, the doctors had to administer emergency medical care. There are many instances of dogs being run over accidentally and depending on the seriousness of the injury, they are given blood and life-saving drugs to give them a chance to survive.

TSPCA strive to make the world a kinder place for animals. Through community outreach, they conduct awareness sessions where people are sensitised towards the pain animals feel and their inability to help themselves.

Founder Shakuntala Majumdar has made it her life’s work and was awarded the Naari Shakti Puraskar by the President of India for her efforts. But meeting the costs of the hospital facilities including salaries, animal food and the running of three animal ambulances is an ongoing challenge.

Since 2002, Thane SPCA have treated over 70,000 sick or injured animals. They count on support from animal lovers to continue. Volunteering and donations in kind are also welcome.

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Hospital service

FROM humble beginnings, Thane SPCA have grown to be an animal hospital with an operation theatre, medical wards and essential facilities like digital X-ray. Animals brought in are mostly hit-and-run victims, suffering from diseases such as distemper and skin ailments, or severely dehydrated. Some animals with transmissible diseases have to be quarantined. The three ambulances are able to provide injured animals on-the-spot aid, before determining if they have to be taken to the hospital.

Prosecution for cruelty cases

THANE SPCA employ legal aid in cases of cruelty against street animals by housing societies and others, and even in cases of abusive pet owners. Notice is served to the assailants, leading to a police case. The legal cost comes to 1 lakh per year. At the government level, TSPCA work to implement existing laws and draft new ones. Workshops and awareness programmes for administrative authorities like the police are conducted to upgrade their knowledge of animal protection laws.

About Thane Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

We got more than we expected from the Thane SPCA. Doctors and staff are very helpful and communicative. They are doing a great job.

Bonnie Gurshani, animal lover, Thane

I feel the initiative taken by this organization is spectacular. The visit to the place really made me realise the extent to which animals need our help. I would love to come and visit such a facility every day.

Karan Mankar, animal lover, Navi Mumbai

I noticed a stray dog whining because of a severe injury near its tail. I tried all the famous animal care institutions. Finally Thane SPCA turned up with their team and treated the dog but did not accept any money in return. Hats off to Thane SPCA!

Shraddha Raikar, regular Thane SPCA visitor, Thane

This is not an animal hospital only, this is our extended family. The staff and management treat us as their own.

Kavita Sinhe, regular Thane SPCA visitor, Thane

I love the facility. The ambience makes you feel very homely and comfortable. It is so refreshing to see the genuine care and enthusiasm of the staff for their work. This effort is commendable.

Priya Kamdar, volunteer, Mumbai

  • Shakuntala Majumdar President
  • Debashish Majumdar Vice President
  • Mamta Girath Treasurer
  • Suhas Rane Secretary
  • B N Ganguli Joint Secretary
  • Mukesh Girath Trustee
  • Rajesh Talreja Trustee