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THERE are many education gaps in India but the most unfair one is caused by gender bias where only 30% of girls get to class 10. Avasar address this by supporting education for girls from poor families.

Despite attaining 98% enrolment into primary schools after the Right to Education Act made education free and compulsory, socio-economic factors continue to affect drop-out rates in secondary schools - especially for girls living below the poverty line. Many leave to work in order to support their family’s income or end up getting married so parents have one less mouth to feed.

With their vision being “no girl child will discontinue education due to financial hardship”, since 2013, The Avasar Foundation have been supporting meritorious young women with full scholarships from high school to three to four years of a degree or professional studies.

Take Ambika, aged 18, who scored 98% in class 10 but risked discontinuing her education because of her financial situation at home. Because her father had passed away, and her mother was single-handedly supporting her family of four as a cook, her dreams of studying to become a neurosurgeon seemed unattainable.

Then Ambika’s high school teacher stepped in and helped her get a scholarship from Avasar in 2015. She is now in her second year of pre-university college in Bangalore.

They have extended scholarship support to 42 girls in Bengaluru, and hope to expand their work to other cities across the country.

Avasar truly believe the proverb: “You educate a man, you educate an individual. You educate a woman, you educate a nation.”

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