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Focus: Children and Youth, Disability, Education

DISABILITY handicaps the development of any child - especially one born into poverty. weCan address this by providing remedial education to intellectually challenged children from low-income families.

Without proper intervention and care, many children with disabilities such as dyslexia, Down's syndrome, attention-deficit-hyperactivity-disorder, autism and Asperger's are pushed to living on the margins because they have not been equipped with the tools, behaviours or skills to be a part of and contribute to mainstream society.

For seven years, weCan Learning Resource Institute in Kolkata have been working with such children from poor socio-economic backgrounds whose families cannot afford quality care for their special needs.

weCan believe that regardless of a child's diagnosis and prognosis, they all deserve to have their educational needs met, and opportunities to grow and achieve goals.

Subramaniam, currently receiving support from weCan, has experienced improvements academically and socially despite being on the autism spectrum. His mother Uma says: “The therapeutic intervention helped with his sensory issues.

“He also enrolled in the Open Basic Education programme and appeared for English and Math exams in January 2019. With the support of weCan teachers, he will continue to show progress.”

The inclusive and multi-disciplinary approach adopted by weCan includes customised academic support, various therapies such as sensory, speech, play, music and occupational, outpatient services, vocational skills and much more.

Savitur, the weCan Special School, currently has 25 children enrolled. They have also partnered with schools in the city to work with children at their schools, within school hours.

weCan have many plans to enhance and expand their work in the future. For instance, they hope to take the children on field trips to parks, airports, railway stations and malls to help them adapt to mainstream activities. Additionally, they plan to include more co-curricular activities and pre-vocational skills from baking to office management training.

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About weCan Learning Resource Institute

Sanjan has improved slowly but steadily in his academics and behavioural aspects. I wish the weCan family will help us to fulfil Sanjan’s goals in the coming days. Thank you to the staff for their love and affection towards Sanjan.

Shreyasi Dhara, parent of beneficiary, Kolkata

Children with disabilities face multiple forms of discrimination which lead to their exclusion from society and school. Attitudes towards them as well as a lack of resources to accommodate them, compound the challenges they face in accessing education.

UNICEF, July 2012